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Author Topic: This week - Plague outbreak kills two in Madagascar. Is a major Plague...  (Read 1114 times)

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This week - Plague outbreak kills two in Madagascar.*

Is a major Plague on its way?

Am I being pessimistic?   I don't think so.  I've been following Plague details for over 40 years ever since I was a student and wrote my thesis on the mid-14th Century Plague (ie The Black Death) and the Dance of Death.

Today I was talking to a friend who said that he too had also read of other Plague cases this week too, this time in China.

The Plague has to start somewhere - And the way people now travel extensively by plane and train seems to me to open up the risk of Plague even more.

Am I being over pessimistic?   What are the odds of a major Plague reaching Europe?   

Is there a cure today which wasn't available in 1347 to 1351 when 1 in 2 in Europe faced catching the Plague - and mortality rates were total? 

Is there really an effective cure now compared to back then when the Plague wiped out 60% of Europe's population at the time? 


And worse is to come says the World Health Organisation...

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