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Author Topic: What happened to all the rubble from London's Blitz? Where did it all go?  (Read 374 times)

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Like most people I've seen photos of the rubble filled streets of London after every air raid.  Piles and piles several feet deep of rubble that were cleared away pronto by morning to keep the city moving.

It must have been a superhuman effort to clear all that rubbble away day after day, night after night- but what amazes me even more is that they found somewhere to put it all - not just after just one air raid, but throughout the months of the Blitz and even after the War when there must have been many millions of tons of rubble and even more from demolished buildings, all of which had to go somewhere.

Where did it all go?  I guess some of it was recycled into crushed aggregate and reused - but where did all the rest go?  And is it still there?

PS  This question came to me while reading of a beach outside Liverpool called Cosby Beach or Crosby Beach where Liverpool dumped all their air raid rubble which is now beginning to interest archaeologists and historians.
Thinking of London's bigger size and much heavier protracted bombing, I'd expect London's Blitz rubble problem would have been massively bigger than Liverpool's.
Which begs the question Where did all London's Blitz rubble go?  Any ideas?
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