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Author Topic: Should British newspapers be allowed to run sensationalist headlines as this?  (Read 696 times)

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The Daily Express headline screamed...

NASA SHOCK admission: Distant galaxy is ‘ON COURSE to COLLIDE with Earth'

And only later (much, much later) down among the mouse print did the Express sheepishly announce that "Andromeda, the distant galaxy, will collide with the Milky Way in around 4.5 billion years"

In around 4.5 billion years?   Phew!  That's what I call really hot news!

But, to be slightly serious for a millisecond, what about us consumers? 

What about us all briefly glancing at such rampantly misleading headlines over our toast and marmalade in the mornings?

Nobody seems to care.

No government department, not one, seems to care a bean about such gross misrepresentation by the Press.  Shouldn't there at least be some firm legislation in place to stop newspapers screaming such bloodcurdling fake news?

And what do you think would be an appropriate fine should be for such barefaced scaremongering breakfast news?
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