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Author Topic: An Aussie I met yesterday told me that Koala Bears' poo is square! Is it?  (Read 867 times)

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I know that Aussie's are world famous for their irreverent sense of humour but... this just about takes the biscuit!

I know Australia is renowned for its unique and zany wildlife, but but but...Square poo?  Oh, c'mon!

However, he was adamant that Koalas excrete square poo.  So I ended up pulling out my big guns and threatened him with asking IA members what is true and what ain't, and then we'd soon see who is right and who is just an upside down joker.

So, what do you reckon?

Do koala bears have square poo?   Or is he talking crap?

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It could well be true - wombats are part of the koala family, and they definitely poop in cubes!  The explanation is thought to be linked to the length it takes them to digest food - 14-18 days - which extracts all the water.  The hard stools form their shape in the ridged upper intestine, and then are not malformed on their way out.