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Author Topic: Is there a website that tracks the average wage through history?  (Read 653 times)

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I ask because I often watch old movies and read old novels and although I know what year a film or novel dates from I still need to know when, for example, someone demands a 1,000 ransom, how much that would have represented in terms of a week's wages at the time.

So, is there a website that tracks the average wage through history that someone can point me to?
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I suspect that there were no income records in the past, as income would not necessarily have been salaried, and payment in kind would have formed a much more significant part of the economy.

However, I've used this calculator before when trying to put a modern day value on historic stuff, which is brilliant.

So, for example, if I had 1 in 1320, this was around the equivalent of 490.47 today.  With my pound, I could have bought:
One horse, or
Two cows, or
Seven stones of wool, or
Two quarters of wheat, or
Paid a skilled tradesman for 50 days.