Author Topic: 'The Centre of the Universe' is a circle on the ground in Tulsa. Oh, really?  (Read 127 times)

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Apparently 'the Centre of the Universe' is a simple circle of concrete in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
(Please don't laugh your head off just yet, there are plenty of even weirder things to come.)

One of the really weird things is that if you speak while you're standing in the middle of the circle, you can hear your voice loud and clear echoing back at you... but nobody outside the circle will hear a thing. Not a single peep!

The second really weird thing is that, even if you shout at the top of your voice, it will only be heard outside the concrete circle as an undecipherable string of broken sounds.

But what is really really really weird is this... Nobody even knows why this phenomenon happens!

But back to my question...Why, or how, can anyone speak inside the circle and not be heard outside it? Why does it happen? What's the secret?

PS I have not been to Tulsa myself. I just found this wacky website called Dangerous Minds - it is full of weird facts, supposedly all of them the Centre of The Universe being in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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