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Author Topic: Perhaps a silly question, but where does the water come from in rivers?  (Read 1018 times)

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I know, I know - rain falls, some soaks into the ground, and the run-off forms small streams, and when several streams combine, they make small rivers, then they combine and make big rivers.

But at the moment, the rivers near to us are running fine - a little low, but certainly not dried up.  So given that we've had next to no rainfall in Yorkshire for the last month or so, where is the water coming from?  There is a huge amount still in the rivers for it to be coming from groundwater, and we see very clearly the increase when we have a heavy deluge, but don't seen an enormous drop when there is a bit of a drought.

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The water is coming from underwater or hidden springs. I really can't see any other answer... apart from it coming from a very leaky Southern Water water mains.  But that sounds a bit off the wall.  So I'd say it has to be coming from hidden springs.  But, I could be wrong.  Am I?
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