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Author Topic: Is there any way to permanently stop a program installing on Windows 7?  (Read 1197 times)

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Every time I update Ccleaner Avast antivirus installs too . I know there's a check box to untick but for some reason I keep missing it . Hence my question about preventing a program from (re)installing .

(Windows 7 Pro) .
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You may be able to do something with Group Policies to prevent this, but I suspect it would be fiddly. Another option would be to try out Unchecky which claims to untick such boxes for you. I've not tried it, so am not making a recommendation, though. This tool basically runs a service in the background that listens for installers, and then automatically unckecks the "install Avast as well"-type tick boxes.


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An old trick, but if you know the name of the directory that it installs to, then you can create a file of that name in its place.

Then when the installer tries to create the directory it fails, halting the installation.

Of course, a suitably aware installer might use an alternate location, or use a randomly generated directory name to circumvent this simple method.