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Author Topic: A gardening question...about tulips and daffodils and their weird sex lives...  (Read 687 times)

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Call me a cheapskate if you like but I've noticed that there is one very strange thing about tulips and daffodils.

Most flowers spread by producing seeds.  But not tulips and daffs.  They are different.  They only seem to spread by bulbs.

What would happen if instead of cutting back my tulips and daffs when they've finished flowering I just leave all the flower heads on? Would Nature then take its course?

Would my tulips and daffs go on to produce masses of seeds just as other flowers do?  And could I then plant out all those seeds and get masses of more flowers for free?

Or can tulips and daffs only multiply by me buying more and more bulbs?

Anybody any ideas?

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