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Rodneys car horn

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In the year of our lord 2010, Duffield1 posted a thread as the following:

'A neighbour is about to install a 'Dukes of Hazard' style car horn on their car, but I was sure these were illegal to use in a public place.  Am I wong?'

I have a few questions
1. How do you know that this neighbour was about to install a new car horn?
2. Why do you want him arrested for doing so? Do you have a dislike for the dukes of hazard, is it jealously or do you just hate the neighbour?
3. Can you elaborate on 'About to'? Was he making a slow job of installing it, or had he previously informed you?
4. Are you friends with this neighbour, or are you enemies? Is this connected to the attempted arrest?
5. Was your intention to arrest the neighbour as a way of stopping him, or were you gathering information to use against him?

Thank you for your time answering these burning questions of ours.
Here is the thread for more information-

Kind Regards,

I've got this one!

1. He said, "Look a this - plays a tune!" and showed me the box.
2. I don't want him arrested for doing so, and he wouldn't have been arrested even if caught, but he would have been made to remove it.  He's the type of person who gets himself into trouble by not knowing what he can and can't do, like the time he applied dark black film to all of his windows and got pulled over.
3. See 1 above.
4. I have no feelings either way; he did a midnight flit about a month later and the landlord had to spend around 10k fixing damage done to the property.
5. Neither, I told him that his car wouldn't pass the next MOT if he fitted it, and he didn't.

Hope that answers your queries, Rodney!

Well that's a relief that musical donkey horns are illegal to use on the streets!   

Where I live I have been plagued for years by what I thought must be some brainless boy racer oik giving his girl friends' house a vast blast as he went by. Seems to be at least once a week.

Turns out it was a mobile fishmonger's van trying to drum up business! I shall now go out disguised as a fish-hungry customer and instead of ordering a nice piece of haddock hit him with a print-out of At My Witz End's excellent original answer. That should shut up his braying donkey horn!

Where does this leave ice cream vans and all their bliddy invasive tunes?

Probably nowhere - they still have a 'proper' horn so broadcasting that nice music box tune isn't against the law.


--- Quote from: Duffield1 on 31 July, 2017, 01:13:39 PM ---Probably nowhere - they still have a 'proper' horn so broadcasting that nice music box tune isn't against the law.

--- End quote ---

Rats! I was looking forward to shoving a well-sharpened Cadbury's Flake....


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