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Author Topic: A sport question. Well, a tennis-at-Wimbledon question...  (Read 1199 times)

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The question is about the grass on Centre court at Wimbledon  actually....

This year, the players at Wimbledon are already moaning about the grass getting worn out around the service areas at the baselines of the centre court and court one.

The courts look fine to me compared to the dastardly hot summer of 1996 at Wimbledon.

Back then, the whole court was as brown and as dead as though it'd been sprayed with a proprietary weed killer.

So, two questions for the price of one spring to mind...

Given the way this summer is already stoking up temperature-wise, is there a likelihood that the green, green grass of Wimbledon this year will end up like the brown, brown grass of '96?

Will the players at Wimbledon ever be happy with the state of the grass?

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