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Author Topic: Why is Donald Trump so against Obama's reforms of the Medicare system in the US?  (Read 953 times)

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Having seen at first hand how insurance companies in the US dominate the financial side of health care and inflate costs (ie Medicare etc) I cannot see one single good thing about the US system compared to the NHS system's free care for all.

I will say that the standards at the US's best surgical hospitals are really exceptional - but only at a price that a significant section of the US population cannot hope to afford. At lower levels (right down to cost of GP visits and the cost of medication in the States) the costs are so prohibitive that they financially prohibit a vast number of people from access to decent heath care.

I think that a strong country only grows stronger if all its citizens are strong and healthy - and to me that means free (or at least very affordable) access to healthcare for all - without you having to be wealthy, affluent middle class and above if you are going to be able to afford to pay artificially astronomical medical bills.

From what I have seen, the US system repeatedly scores bottom in all reports on healthcare for developed countries. Yet Trump is vehemently against Obama's medicare reforms that would have made healthcare more universally available. I cannot see why Trump is so against it (except that he is a billionaire and probably doesn't understand that not everybody is a billionaire).

Has Trump ever said why he is so against Obama-care? Why exactly is the tangerine-faced President so obviously jaundiced against Obama's reforms of the Medicare system in the US?

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I think the premise is that republicans would rather wealthy people continue to amass wealth, like the Tories, and the democrats are a tad more socialist. As to why Trump is of that position, where in the past he's said he's more of a Democrat, I can only surmise it was too make sufficient noise to stand out from the crowd and boost viewing ratings (as distinction from public opinion) - something he seems to care about deeply.