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Author Topic: Do grandparents have a good effect on children in an average family?  (Read 1129 times)

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Does interaction with these older relatives have a positive effect when the parents have a good relationship?
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Does interaction with these older relatives have a positive effect when the parents have a good relationship?

I can only speak from my own experience and I'd say a resounding Yes!  My parents were great but I still think that Grandparents, at the very least, give kids a real alternative to flee to.

My grandparents also had the extra benefit of being totally different to my parents - and with a totally different set of skill sets and a different depth of experience, different perspective on time etc (ie wisdom) to draw on.

Grandparents are also usually long retired - and so they're usually not knackered after a bad day at the office or after a yet another diabolical commute on Southern Region trains to stop them wanting to spend good times with demanding grandkids.

More importantly, I think that Grandparents should be revered as the family elders with a vast contribution to make (rather than be shuffled off to the nearest care home).

But I suppose I would say all this because I am a grandparent too now. You could just as equally ask do grandkids have a good effect on grandparents? And I'd answer a just as resounding Yes to that too

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Absolutely!!! The children learn that there are different rules at the grandparents. Different games to play, different skills learned.
the advantage for the grandparents is that they can give the children back.. :)
Our 2 grandsons enjoy coming to us. The 2 and half year old makes a bee line for the cupboard and gets his cars and garage out. The 6 year old wants paper and pencils, helps to feed the cat and generally being a silly boy!
Lovely to see them but lovely to them go so we can get our home back!! ;)