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Author Topic: Should long term residents be deported if they commit criminal offences?  (Read 1704 times)

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Should long term residents of any country be deported if they commit criminal offences?

Over the last decade there have been many people deported from Australia to the UK because of the criminal offences they have committed. Is there any reason why this shouldn't happen?

The most recent case is of a career criminal who arrived in Australia when he was fourteen. He's now eighty-three and is at the end of his latest sentence for crimes he committed as a seventy year old. A decision will be made today on his fate. Considering the amount of time he has spent committing offences and in jail it seems reasonable that the Australian government shouldn't have to support him any longer. http://news.sky.com/story/australian-criminal-royalty-bertie-kidd-could-be-sent-to-britain-10801749

Another case recently saw a long term Canadian resident deported to the Netherlands.

Australia has been deporting New Zealand born criminal residents for some time now ; the majority have been recidivists after deportation.
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How history repeats itself!
Britain had been doing it for donkey's years, as many an Australian well knows. It might be well worth resuming the transportation service again although  I expect some residents of Botany Bay might be slightly peeved if we did.

The question of whether a criminals very advanced age should be taken into account and clemency given or withheld  is exactly the same dilemma facing Nazi hunters who were seeking out and bringing to trial war criminals who are knocking on ninety or a hundred years old - or, more recently, paedophile DJ's for abhorrent crimes committed 50 years ago.

Does age excuse ancient crimes? I believe that anyone committing a crime knows full well that they are committing a crime and can therefore expect sooner or later to be brought to justice.

To my mind, Justice should be an absolute and not have a sell by date.

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