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Author Topic: An old gentleman that I know has just told me a closely guarded secret…  (Read 912 times)

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He says it is a secret that has been clouded in secrecy for over 70years. He told me it goes like this…

When he was still a young man in his twenties, he was based with British Intelligence in Berlin in the late 50s. Being a German speaker, his assignment was rescuing and collating the thousands of top secret classified German documents the Reich had left behind.

He says that he saw with his own two eyes solid, written proof that in 1938 (a year before war was even declared!) Nazi Germany had invaded Antarctica. And it wasn't just Antarctica they invaded. They invaded the British sector of Antarctica!

He says he read through thick document after thick document detailing the Nazis plans and that they built a massive secret underground base on British soil (or British ice) solely to test the highly-secret ‘Wonder Weapons’ that the Third Reich was developing. Among other prototype weapons, they tested their flying saucer there.

And there’s more.

The Nazi military machine, he says, established an impregnable and powerfully well-manned and fully-armed underground base there (that they called, unsurprisingly ‘Neue Berchtesgaten’).

And, here is the part that surprised me, the British knew all about it!

In fact, he says that he read in the German dossiers that British forces including the SAS repeatedly attacked the base in bids to take it, but repeatedly failed against massively superior odds.

What I would like to know now is this…Can it be true? Is there any independent other evidence out there to corroborate this story?
Secondly, and perhaps more worryingly, why has all this been hushed up for all these years? Why haven’t we heard even the slightest hushed whisper of all these Antarctic goings on? Who benefits?

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