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Author Topic: At stonehenge, how were those massive top stones hauled into place?  (Read 1112 times)

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I have read the theories of how all those 20 ton upright sarsen stones could have been erected at Stonehenge back in 2,000 BC.

But, what I haven't found is any reference to how on earth Neolithic people managed to haul up and wangle into place all those 4 ton lintels (aka the cross-pieces) 9 metres into the air using their relatively primitive 4,000 year old technology.

Without wheels or even spinach to help them, just how did the Neolithic tribes (or the Celts, Beaker People or Druids: take your pick of the theories) manage to haul such vast lintel stones so high, and then position them so accurately, that they're still in place 4,000 odd years later? How did they do it? What was their secret?

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Paul Orban

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Imagine you're the richest person in England and all you have are time, rocks, and slaves. The giant stones were transported on wooden paths and dragged by hundreds of people to the location. The entire site was piled up with dirt and rock till the tops of the support stones were at ground level. Once they were all in place the dirt was dug away and I'm sure they had a big party