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Author Topic: Shiver me timbers! Is this any kind of name to give to an Antarctic island?  (Read 810 times)

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...or, more accurately, is this any kind of name to give to a piddly little rocky outcrop on an Antarctic island???

Cape Circumcision? Huh?

I was idly digging into the nitty about Norway's ownership of parts of Antarctica when I stumbled on Bouvet Island. Have you ever heard of it before? No, neither had I. Apparently it was once proudly British but , although uninhabited, it now flies the Norwegian flag.

And suddenly there it was! Right before my shocked and startled eyes - Cape Circonsision!

"Surely" I yelped when I'd recovered a bit. "Isn't Circonsision French for Circumcision?" I hastily ran it through Google Translate just to treble check and there it was. Circumcision.

So can anybody shed any light on the who, what, when and (most interestingly) the why on earth some demented sailor decided to call it Cape Circumcision?

Was it named after a very chilly event that happened on the island way back in time? Or something even freakier?

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