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Author Topic: Oscar Pistorius : what should be his punishment over the next six years?  (Read 1721 times)

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What will be the best way to reform this criminal?

Should his handicap be taken into consideration?
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False legs shouldn't come into it. His lack of legs should only be taken into consideration by giving him a cell on the ground floor.

More than that will depend on whether you believe shooting his girlfriend to death through a closed door was a dreadful accident or whether you believe he actually wanted to shoot her and meant to shoot her.

If you believe he deliberately blasted her through a locked door and is callously only using his famous legless-ness as a feeble excuse you'll probably want to see Pistorius rot in hell.

If you believe it was an accident you'd want him to suffer as little as possible in prison.

Like other people, I only know what I have seen on TV news and I must say that either Pistorius is a very convincing actor and as guilty as hell or he might just be an innocent man caught up in a dreadful set of events.

Either way, I cannot see why Pistorius should be given more and or less than any other person convicted of a very serious crime can expect to receive in prison.
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