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Author Topic: Is Abraham Lincoln really buried in a bomb proof grave? Why?  (Read 640 times)

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Just been told this astounding late bit of news by my journalist friend (the master of all things trivial, whether true or not).

I am presuming that  this time he might even know what he's talking about. Does he?

Is Abraham Lincoln really buried in a bomb proof grave? Why? Were they scared of souvenir hunters and grave robbers or what?
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Re: Is Abraham Lincoln really buried in a bomb proof grave? Why?
« Reply #1 on: 14 March, 2016, 06:53:02 AM »
The Lincoln burial was not just a one time event.  His first burial  in 1865 was at a temporary site in Illinois; while awaiting construction of a  new tomb. In 1874 the tomb was completed and President Lincoln was buried within.
In 1876 Lincolns body was stolen and then recovered 10 days later. His coffin was then hidden in a secret  location with- in the building, leaving the sarcophagus empty. In 1887 due to needed repairs to the tomb, the coffin was moved to a new brick burial vault near by the tomb building.   In 1900 Lincoln's coffin was moved from the brick vault to an underground vault near the tomb structure. In 1901, after the tomb reconstruction is completed, Lincoln's final burial takes place.  His coffin is secured in a concrete-and-steel reinforced chamber below the floor. (i.e. the "bomb proof" story) not the sarcophagus.

A long winded answer, I know, but the short answer is,  Yes Lincoln is in, what could be mistakenly called, a "bomb proof grave".
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