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Republicanism in the UK........

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........a hypothetical question.
Labour win the next election and with a large majority pass a law amending the constitution for England creating a democratic republic.
The first President has to be elected by at least 60% of the electorate - who would you vote for out of all the possible candidates who can be chosen from any English person from any section of the population, not just politicians?

Victoria Wood, with Julie Walters as vice president.


--- Quote from: Duffield1 on 17 September, 2015, 12:21:42 PM ---Victoria Wood, with Julie Walters as vice president.

--- End quote ---

An interesting ticket.

What about Vince Cable/Billy Brag VP

David Brown, AKA Dave from Boyinaband.
How refreshing it would be to have someone who isn't afraid to look at things anew and make some useful changes.

I'd vote for Richard Branson, I think he'd make an excellent president and John Humphries as vice president.


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