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Author Topic: I never peel potatoes because I was once told that the most nutrients in a potat  (Read 771 times)

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I never peel potatoes because I was told as a child that the most nutrients in a potato lie just beneath the skin...so, In peeling them I was throwing all the goodness into the bin.

Is this actually true?

Is it also true of all other veggies that we peel such as carrots, parsnips etc?

And how about fruits that we traditionally peel? Things like oranges, mangoes, lychees, pineapples etc?

Does the best (ie the most nutritious) parts of the fruit also lie just under the peel in them too?
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Yes, the majority of nutrients in fruit and vegetables are close to the skin or in the core.

Not only that -
'All fruit and vegetables have a "bio-synergy", which means the nutritional ­benefits of each part are reinforced by the others.'


This article also tells you how to eat the more difficult skins and cores.