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Author Topic: Rules. Read before posting - we aim to keep this a happy and peaceful community.  (Read 5772 times)

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Site Rules.
This site seeks to respect everyone who uses it, be they guest or time-honoured member. The very diversity of its members is one of the things that make this such a fun community. For this to work we have to be tolerant of each other. In accordance with this, please read the following rules and adhere to them.

We would ask everyone to remember that this is a family site, that it’s going to be viewed world-wide and thus in different time zones. For this reason, there can be no ‘watershed’, so we have to be responsible in the way that we use the site: Swearing, obscene words/phrases and extremist or discriminatory language will not be tolerated. Nor will the ‘starring out’ of letters in ,or abbreviation of a swear word .Some impolite words and expressions may be used, but the general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t want your small children or your Granny to read it…Don’t write it. Please note that whilst swearing and bad language may be the norm within your circle of friends/family, for many this is not the case. Please respect this fact so as not to give offence to anyone.
It is not permitted to post images or avatars or choose usernames that are obscene, pornographic, vulgar (or in any other way offensive), nor may you post links to material of that nature. Should you wish to ask a question of a sexual nature or that alludes to genitalia, you should do so in a factual and correct manner and for a correct purpose.
No question or answer may be posted if it encourages illegal activity of any kind in any way.
No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.
Multiple accounts are not permitted and will be disabled. Should you wish to change your username, you will first have to disable your old account. A moderator will help you to do this.
Anyone who has previously been banned from a question and answer site, or who attempts to register under a username that has previously been banned from other question and answer sites, will not be permitted to register on Intelligent Answers.
We cannot expect everyone to agree with one another about everything. Some questions are opinion based or may be about emotive subjects. We do expect behaviour towards other users to be polite and respectful at all times, even in disagreement. It is not permitted for members to insult one another or hold vitriolic disagreements in the public areas of the site. If it should happen that you do have a personal disagreement with another member and can find no way to resolve it, please simply ignore that particular member. Do not enter into an exchange of insults and snide remarks and please refrain from answering any questions that they post or from commenting on their answers. If you wish to try to resolve your differences, contact a moderator who will intercede with that member on your behalf, but please accept that said member may not wish to communicate with you, and that is their right.
Users who repeatedly disturb the peace of this community or flout its rules will be warned by a moderator, and possibly permanently disabled from using it.
The official language of ‘Intelligent Answers’ Is English. Should you wish to use other languages, you may only do so in private messages. Equally, ‘Text Speak’ should not be used. There are many to whom that is also a foreign language.
Spamming and/or "backdoor" advertising will not be tolerated. At the discretion of the site's administrators, selected advertising may be permitted to established members in certain areas of this site.

In order to make this community work as well as possible, please try to follow the guidelines set out below with regards to the questions you ask: Be careful about your choice of words, use correct spelling whenever possible and use whole sentences. The better formulated your questions, the more easily they can be responded to and the better the answers you are likely to receive.
It’s no good posting one word or phrase (or a jumble of characters) No-one will know what your question about that subject is.
Do not ask questions that simply require a one-word answer.
It’s fine to make jocular comments in answers (or to post light-hearted questions) but this too must be done in a respectful manner.
Please always remain aware that you are expressing your own opinion, and that not every one will agree with you.
Please do not simply ‘bulk post’ the site with a whole series of questions to which you probably already know the answer. Other members may well find it irritating, and this site is a place to exchange knowledge and views, not somewhere to enter into a quiz. If you do have a lot of questions to ask, spread them out a little, so that the site doesn’t become swamped with one member’s contributions albeit only for a short while.
It is perfectly acceptable to post questions asking how or where you can find the information you need about a homework/coursework topic, to ask an opinion on a theory or to ask for the method by which you may work something out. It is not acceptable to post a homework/coursework question, and then expect community members to do your work for you. If they were to do so, homework would become devoid of any purpose. Questions about religion will only be permitted if they are constructive and genuinely seeking knowledge. They may not be formatted in such a way that they give offence, nor may you air personal grievances about someone else’s religion.
Questions should not be personal polls: ‘favourite’ musician, writer, colour, book etc.. Nor should they be pure chat (how’s the new car going) speculative (who will reach no.1 this Christmas) or personal (directed at specific members), except in the Members' Cafe area, where the rules are slightly relaxed.
It is not permissible to ask questions that are simply links to questionnaires or games on other sites.
It is always good to post links within questions that illustrate your point or give those trying to answer your question additional information. However, it should be noted that your question must make perfect sense without the inclusion of a link. This is to ensure that should the link break down or become unavailable, your question is still answerable.

When answering questions, please try to provide the best and most informative answer that you can. Be sure you read the question carefully and in its entirety and that your answer relates to the question. Read the answers already given to a question before you make your own answer. New answers should give additional information or opinion, and should not merely restate that of another member.
Answers (or indeed questions) should not consist purely of material that has been cut and pasted from search result pages or other sites.
Proper links should be given to the work of other people. This extends to anything you post on the site, be it text, videos, photos or images and no matter how you intend to use it here. If it is copyright material and doesn’t belong to you, a link is required to show its origin and to credit its owner with its creation.
No medical counsel should be given when answering questions.
No personal information should be given or asked for in questions or answers, be it e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or postal addresses. Ask the person concerned via private messaging.
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