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Author Topic: Goat's Milk  (Read 855 times)

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Goat's Milk
« on: 22 May, 2013, 10:58:56 AM »
I remember having Goat's milk when I was young. My nan bought it from the local farmer. I've often wondered if I would like the taste now.
None of our local farms stock their own. All they have is the same as supermarkets the 1 litre tetrapak.

Why can't I buy a smaller amount half pint/ one pint / half litre?


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Re: Goat's Milk
« Reply #1 on: 22 May, 2013, 11:59:38 AM »
I agree with you Tec.

Only being able to buy 1 litre packs of goat's milk strikes me as very questionable marketing.

But I presume that the supermarket buyers and the goat's milk farmers have done their own professional market research into what would be the optimum pack size.

They have obviously concluded that goat's milk users are a minority sector of the milk market...and a very small minority at that.

Sales would therefore be very small. Certainly, compared to the volume of cow's milk sales, goat's milk sales (both by volume and by sterling value) would be infinitessimal.

Equally, goat's milk farms tend to be far smaller than traditional dairy farms so their resources , per individual farm, are probably correspondingly smaller.

Producing a variety of pack sizes increases the farmersí and producers' start-up costs (increasing their bottling machinery costs, their labelling machine costs, label design and label printing costs , increasing the size of premises needed for the extra bottling lines and so on).

Distribution processes will also be made more complex distributing a range of pack sizes rather than the simplicity of just one size going to all outlets.

Committed existing buyers of goat's milk are presumably using the one litre sized packs daily and (when necessary) quite happy to long-term refrigerate or freeze the rest until needed.

In short, not having smaller size options is not an inconvenience to dedicated users...so why not just make the 1 litre size if you can get away with it?

Despite these points, I still think offering a smaller pack option would strongly appeal to 'first time triers' ie those like yourself who want to see what goat's milk is like but would be put off by having to buy the large (and not cheap!) one litre size.

I would argue that (unless the average consumer is using volumes of goat's milk as a total all-day, every day replacement for cow's milk and using it in exactly the same way and in exactly the same volumes as cow's milk), the amounts of goat's milk consumed per person per day is likely to be very small...so it would make sense to offer a smaller pack variety.

These are good reasons for merchandising smaller packs ...but obviously the supermarkets and the goat's milk producers disagree.

I presume they know what they are doing because nobody in business would willingly restrict their potential market without very good reason(s).

Maybe as the goat's milk market expands, and sales volumes increase, you might see a range of amaller and even larger sizes being introduced.

Until then, your only option might be to buy your own goat. They are amazing bright animals and make good pets as well as producing better milk for tippig over your cornflakes every morning. Just make sure you buy a female one.

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