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Do word searches have any educational value?

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My daughter gets at least one word search to do each week for homework, and I think it is just a waste of time - she learns nothing, it just occupies her for half an hour.  What do you think - worthwhile or waste of time?

At first thought I was in agreement with you re. a waste of time - BUT- on second thoughts the exercise of recognising word formations is probably a useful one. So many adults I know are hopeless at spelling, and this really stems from not recognising valid or correct groups of letters.
Dyslexia is rampant in this country based on my experiences and this little diversion for your daughter can do no harm - and probably good.

I saw your rant about this on FB yesterday. I have to agree that for a geography lesson it is a waste of time. Much better, as you suggested, would be for her to find the towns on a map.
But as Ant says, completing the wordsearches will increase her knowledge of word patterns.

IMHO - schools rely far too much on children educating themselves. I say bring back the teacher at the front and children concentrating on what is being taught.

Saw your message about this on FB too, and personally I think it has to do with the subject matter. While it might help spelling etc, it may be used more for a language class rather than for science or geography or anything else where a word search doesn't add anything to the knowledge of the subject matter.

Well, actually, I think word searches are useful for any subject.
They help to develop visual perception, scanning techniques and the skill of looking for things in an ordered and systematic way.
In subjects other than English, they can remind children of words/places/people that they may have forgotten and they are also a useful way to pick up on undiagnosed dyslexia.


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