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Who Is The Most Intelligent Musician

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Hi guys, my name is David Moore. I am a Christian songwriter, I write songs with my wife and together we are "Tyde Moore."

Anyway, now that you know who I am, I will ask my question: Who is the most intelligent artist and why do you think so? I was thinking about it and it came to my mind, that I can't think of anyone off hand. By the way, we're talking about current and living artists... which makes it harder to answer for me. So, what do you all think? If you force me to pick I will pick Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, soley because of his lyrical content, but that is not a good enough reason so do not force me to answer lol.

Hmm - Hi David,
I'm afraid I'll have to ask you for more clarification. I'm sure there are some folks at LHC who are musically inclined, and they're quite cerebral indeed. Here's a sample of their work:

So, what do you mean by musician? Someone who does it for a living, or someone who dabbles? It's a very wide scope, either way. I have every respect for all the classical composers producing coordinated music for so many instruments, but equally some of the modern lyricists come up with rather good material (not that I can name many).

PS - I have noted that, in general, musicians have a higher IQ than non-musicians - possibly due to the training needed to master the art (also possibly a chicken/egg thing going on there)

A couple of names popped into my head, Patrick Moore and Brian May. However, I think Brian Cox must be pretty high up on the list.

Thank you Siasl! I finally understand what Higgs and LHC are all about. Yo!

Matthew Bellamy, from Muse, is a brilliant musician in all aspects that I can think of; Listen to Citizen Erased, Spiral Static or Map of the Problematique and you will understand what I'm talking about.


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