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Author Topic: Why is it that you can read something to do with food and it makes you  (Read 1649 times)

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think "I could just do with that" and it becomes a sort of 'craving'? Is it that the food contains something your body's lacking at the time so it sends out the signals for it?

What sparked me off was just reading the cous-cous thread and the Duffmeister mentions it's good with sausages...and that was what did it - I just fancy a sausage now.
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It's probably all to do with the freaky way the brain works - thinking about particular food items triggers various neurons to sit up and wag their tails

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This has all to do with advanced cranial neurolgy...Brains apparently turn a word trigger into a visual image - and brains work best with visual memories. That is after all how Memory Men do their act.

So mention a sausage and you immediately get a sizzling irresistible image of a sausage...then the brain sends out messages to various bodily organs in 0.0002 nano seconds that start you drooling like a Pavlovian Jack Russell Terrier on heat...pass the frying pan!

Cous cous and sausages sounds like 'extreme munchies' to me  ;D but must try it!
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