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Author Topic: Why do footballers earn so much, it must be the biggest disrespect to soldiers  (Read 1920 times)

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Surely the amount footballers get paid is completely unnecessary. Disrespectful to soldiers fighting in wars, and people living in poverty fighting an everyday battle for survival ?surely the government should not allow this ?If they were not  paid so much, it could help the world finances, create a bit more equality. Money spent on useful things rather than big houses flash cars that make others jealous and as a result cause crimes.

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The direct answer is - TV (and to lesser extent the Press), but indirectly its the fans, who are prepared to spend their hard earned cash on season tickets, and buy extortionately priced replica shirts and other merchandise.
Soccer is always going to be a popular sport because it is invariably the first ball game they are exposed to as a young children, a ball of some description, a reasonably flat surface, and a couple of jackets as goalposts, and voila - they get their first taste of competitive sport, and the adrenalin rush of victory or despair at defeat which, generally speaking, males in particular, thrive on throughout their lives.
Before TV took over soccer with its wall-to-wall coverage and started pumping millions of pounds every day into the game soccer players were paid a reasonable living wage for turning out once a week for their chosen club. Entrance fees were 2 and a half p for kids, 5p for adults and without TV coverage the grounds were packed on a Saturday afternoon. Crowds of 40,000 plus used to turn up at Fratton Park to watch Pompey when I was a nipper, to watch their local heroes, like the gentle, consummate professional sportsman he was, captain Jimmy Dickinson. No spitting, shirt pulling, deliberate fouls ( well not many anyway), the crowd might abuse the referee but not the players themselves.
And then came the TV millions, the week long blanket daily coverage in the papers, and big business moved in, and with it came the corruption, the millionaire prima donna players, and all the sickening spectacle of modern day soccer. YUK!
Recommended TV watching for anyone disillusioned with soccer -The Rugby International between Ireland and Wales at Eden Park Dublin last Sunday, players being paid a small fraction of that of the buffoons at Old Trafford  = playing their hearts out in a game full of exciting moments, demonstrations of superb physical strength and agility, and thrilling right to the end of full-time.
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Hello Stars,
Its all about the unfairness of life. Occupations which attract the highest salaries are never ever the most worthy. At least footballers have to demonstrate talent and many come from humble backgrounds. A much worse unfairness arises when people are born into immense wealth and priviledge and are taught to believe this is their divine right and furthermore, that they entitled to tell everyone else how to behave.