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Author Topic: Inspired by Stars' question about people wanting to be clones................  (Read 1011 times)


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I don't know if anyone else agrees with me, but all politicians now seem to be clones of each other. None appear to me to have distinct personalilties or leadership qualities.
I'm not into politics at all now, so maybe I don't pay enough attention, but when I see them bleating away on TV I can't find anything to distinguish one from the other. Or, from what they are saying, which party they belong to!
Bring back the days of Ted Heath and Harold Wilson! Politics the were interesting and even amusing. IMO.
So, are there any MPs that deserve recognition, do a worthwhile job?
And which one, if any, do you think would be more suitable as PM than the one we have? (er...whatever his name is!).
I'd really be interested to know other people's opinions and am open to conversion.

Dark Matter

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I strongly agree Mrs. Too. I was thinking recently if there was currently a national leader anywhere in the in the world who had any credibility. The only ones I could bring to mind were either nonentities, evil or bullshitters.  Where are the new people of the stature of Gandhi or Mandella?
I hated her but at least with Margeret Thatcher you new what you were dealing with and the same was true of all our post war PMs until recently. Now it seems all so called leaders are about what is in it for themselves.

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I have been trying to vote for this guy all my adult life.

As for the rest of the plonkers and incompetents on the stage at Westminster...

I have very fond memories of when you could tell exactly who was a Labour MP and who was a Tory
just by their accents on radio.

I know there has been a great merging and homogenising of society since the Fifties but everybody now
seems to be 'in' politics rather like some people are 'in' business or 'in' banking.

No wonder they all try to look like the product of a focus group.
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