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We've made lots of changes to this site over the last week, but I think that most of the changes are now complete.

In particular, you will see:

* We have updated the software to the very latest version of SMF.  This means that we can make use of the latest modifications developed by SMF experts to take this site forward and make it more user friendly
* As a consequence of this update in software, the look of the site has changed.  Previously we used a user-created 'theme' for the site's colour scheme, but this was sadly incompatible with many of the mods and updates.  Now, we've opted for their generic theme, but recoloured in the Intelligent Answers core colours.
* There are now 'Thank you' options on each post - this means that if someone gives you a really good answer to your question, you can highlight that.  Clicking on 'Thank you' will increase the user's 'You're a gem' score by one, too, but linked to a particular answer, something that I think we have been missing on this site for a while.
* The 'Donations' section is now far more automated (although to be honest, I am still trying to figure out exactly how it works!), which means that anyone wanting to make a donation no longer has to contact me and, I think, the site will automatically be updated whenever anything goes in our out of the IA PayPal account - which adds extra transparency for me and Heels as holders of the account.  We'll remove the donations board once I am sure that the new donations feature is working correctly.
* We've re-opened the site to guests to post questions (but they can't post answers without registering first) - we've put in place a few checks to make sure that guests are humans rather than spambots, and guests are not able to post any links to other sites.  We hope that will make the site more accessible, and in the medium term, increase the number of questions asked.
* As we're hoping to get more members, we've implemented a 'warning' system for moderators, which essentially works like points on your driving licence - behave badly, and we'll give you 'warning points' and if your warnings reach a certain level, all your posts will have to be checked before going live, reach a further level and an automatic ban will kick in.  I can't see us having to use it with the existing membership, as generally everyone respects the rules, but new members may not be quite so respectful!
* You can now post YouTube videos in your answers - click on the button below the Italic button (on my PC, the icon doesn't seem to be working) and stick the code to embed the video (available on YouTube) in there.
* We've finally finished off customising our theme, so we've got a neater version of the IA logo at the top, and the 'new' reminders have gone back to being the Thinker's head.  I wish the site would let us use the full logo (man sat on a question mark with the IA text in a stone slab), but it simply isn't configured for such a square logo.  For anyone who hasn't seen it, I have attached it below.
We've tried to ensure that your user experience hasn't changed much from the original Intelligent Answers - we really do believe that these are improvements, rather than completely re-building the site, and we are committed to ensuring that we continue to improve.

We're also trying a number of things on the marketing front to try and boost our member numbers and bring in fresh people.  One new addition is the 'Referrals' feature - if you encourage friends and acquaintances to join, the can let us know who it was that recommended them during the registration process, and we'll look at offering incentives and rewards for those people who do spread the IA message and recruit more people.

We've been promoting IA on other forums, too, so expect to see a few more active members over the coming weeks.

As ever, we are keen to hear your thoughts on the changes, as well as suggestions for other ways in which the site can be improved.

Just to add, Redslap, who worked with Minxy on the IA logo, has kindly updated it for the updated site - rather better than my cut and paste fudging of the original logo to fit the different size.  I think it looks great!  Thanks Red!

Was my pleasure, happy to help  ;D


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