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Hi now I will be looking forward to being a lively one within the community I appreciate it :)

If you want to remain a lively one you'll have to stop spamming - your choice.

How can you tell so quickly, Heels?

Serious question...does IA have a Spam Sniffer dog?

PK!  How rude it is to call HiHeels a sniffer dog!  Facepalm

I may have been called worse...or may not, I'm not telling  whisl

There was a spam link in the post, P-K and us Mods are always fairly quick to check out new people anyway.
Even without posts there are a lot of clues, a biggy can be someone's e-mail address and the trend at the moment for usernames seems to be randomletterfirstnamelastnamerandomletter (e.g. SRogerElliottM - apologies to any Roger Elliotts that may be about, I chose the name at random!).

We don't go to their place and stick any leaflets in their faces, so they don't get the chance to do the same here.


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