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Author Topic: How do you submit a new song to a recording artist for consideration?  (Read 1810 times)

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The Pet Shop Boys apparently wrote a couple of songs for Kylie and sent them to her, but they never heard back from here.  Now personally, I would not expect people like PSB to be doing a lot of purely speculative work, but clearly they do.

How does an unknown songwriter go about getting their music performed by big names?

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It's all about who you know.

You can submit to their label, but you are unlikely to get "ear-time" of the actual artist. More likely it'll get listened to by a low-level flunky (if not binned out of hand) before being passed up the food chain. Unknown links later, an exec will pass it to some big-name star and you may get listened to by the target star. One alternate scenario is where an exec thinks "well, maybe not Kylie, but the Wurzels might be good with this" and passes it to a lesser star.

Alternatively, if you have a contact who can (and is willing) to pull strings, that would be the best bet.

I'm surprised PSB's contribution wasn't at least thanked. For unknowns, I wouldn't be surprised at a zero response.