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As the site is changing as I get to grips with the software, I'll post updates of what I am doing here...

Okay, here's more update on the rankings - I've now set them up so they should be working okay:

One star School of Intelligent Answers

0   -   Student Level 1
50   -   Student Level 2
100   -   Student Level 3
200   -   GCSE Student
300   -   AS Level Student
400   -   A Level Student

Two stars University of Intelligent Answers

500   -   Bachelor
650   -   Masters
800   -   Doctorate

Three stars Expert of Intelligent Answers

1000   -   Pythagoras
1250   -   Archimedes
1500   -   Leonardo DaVinci
1750   -   Galileo

Four stars Genius of Intelligent Answers

2000   -   Marie Curie
2500   -   Maria Montessori
3000   -   Stephen Hawking

Five stars Leading the academics of Intelligent Answers

3500   -   Dean
4000   -   Vice Chancellor
5000   -   Chancellor
6000   -   Member of University Council

If we get to people with more than 6000 posts, we'll have to look at where we go from there, but that should be a while off!

Another update.  I've changed the permission settings so that guests can now ask questions, as well as registered members.  Hopefully, this will encourage people to give us a try, but if this ends up being abused and we have all kinds of nonsense posted (or postings by people who have been kicked out of the site), I'll disable this option again and we'll go back to being a members-only site. 

Rules apply to guests in the same way that they apply to full members. 

Please note that guests cannot answer questions, modify them or even close them - just post them.

Just for info, we've closed the site to guests for the moment -stacks of spam yesterday.  We may re-open to guests, but if people abuse the site, we will close it down to guests again.

Legitimate users can simply register if they want to use the site.

That's good news in a way, it means we're getting picked up on the search engines and people think that there's enough traffic here to make it worthwhile spamming the site.


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