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Author Topic: What's been stopping you trying to pass Thomas Edisonís tricky Employment Test?  (Read 639 times)

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6 long months ago I posted this Q...and there's been not so much as a peep from all you normally brave IAers!

C'mawn! Give it a quick bash! Let me know how you get on - and I'll tell you how miserably I fared!

Here's the original question again.....

Here's something really quirky from the archives...
I just discovered this questionnaire (scroll down to it) lurking on the New York Times website, it's from an ancient article that the NYT published almost a hundred years ago way back in 1921.

Edison originated these 140 questions because he had to employ top-rate people - but had a very unfavourable view of college men. He disparagingly regarded them as ďbone-headedĒ. 

Maybe Edison was right Ė of the many hundred applicants who sat the test, only thirty managed to pass it! That either says something about the difficulty of the test or about the low quality of education in the USA in the 1920s.
Could you better? How many questions can you answer? Some are clearly more aimed at Americans than English people - but give the question a go and then tell me what you think of it - Is it a real test, or more of a pub quiz?

Perhaps even more interesting is this...
Do you think this kind of 'test' has any use whatsoever as a real test of an applicantís business acumen and suitability for employment by anyone, let alone by Edison?

Is it too biased in one direction than another? How should it be more balanced etc.

Try your hand at these brain busters...

Who invented photography?
Where do we get wool from?
What is felt?
What States produce Phosphates?
Why is cast iron called pig iron?
Name three principal acids.
Name three principal alkalis.
Name three powerful poisons.
Who discovered radium?
What is the weight of air in a room 20 feet x 30 x 10?
Where is platinum found?
With what metal is platinum associated when it's found?
Who discovered how to make vulcanized rubber?
Where do we get sulphur from?
Where do we import rubber from?
Who invented the cotton gin?
What is the price of 12 grs. of gold?
What is vulcanite and how made?
What is glucose and how made?
What is the difference between anthracite and bituminous coal?
Where do we get benzol from?
Of what is glass made?
What is porcelain?
What kind of machine is used in cutting the facets on diamonds?
What country makes the best optical lenses and what city?
Where do we get borax from?
What is a Chinese windlass?
If six bricks were placed on a glass plate, would it require more effort to move them if placed side by side or on top of one another?
If a ball weighing one pound is dropped from a height of one foot on an anvil what force in pounds would it create when striking the anvil?
What pinch pressure does a 25-ton locomotive require when drawing a load of 100 tons on level track?

What countries bound France?
Where is the River Volga?
What country and city produce the finest china?
Where does the finest cotton grow?
What country consumed the most tea before the war?
What city in the United States is noted for its laundry machine making?
Can you play any musical instrument?
What country is the greatest textile producer?
Is Australia larger than Greenland in area?
Where is Copenhagen?
In what country other than Australia are kangaroos found?
What telescope is the largest in the world?
Who was Bessemer and what did he do?
Where do we get prunes from?
How many States are in the Union?
Who was Paul Revere?
Who was Hancock?
Who was Plutarch?
Who was Hannibal?
Who was Danton?
Who was Solon?
Who was Frances Marion?
Who was Leonidas?
Where did we get Louisiana from?
Who was Pizarro?
Who was Bolivar?
What war material did Chile export to the allies during the war?
Where is Korea?
Where is Manchuria?
Where was Napoleon born?
What is the rise of the highest tide on the North Atlantic coast?
Who invented logarithms?
Who was the Emperor of Mexico when Cortes landed?
In what cities are hats and shoes made?
Where is the Sargasso Sea?
What is the greatest depth ever reached in the ocean?
What is the name of a large inland body of sea that has no outlet?
What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
What state is the largest? The next?
Rhode Island is the smallest state. What is the next? And the next?
How far is it from New York to Buffalo by way of the New York Central Railroad?
How far is it from New York o San Francisco?
Of what State is Helena the capital?
What State has the largest copper mines?
What is the name of a famous violin maker?
Who invented the typesetting machine?
Who invented the printing press?
On what principle is the telephone based?
Of what is brass made?
What ingredients are in the best white paint?
How is leather tanned?
How is artificial silk made?
What is a caisson?
What is coke?
How is celluloid made?
Where do we get shellac from?
What causes the tides?
To what is the change of seasons due?
What is the population of the following countries: Germany, Japan, England, Australia, Russia?
From what part of the Atlantic do we get codfish?
Who discovered the south pole?
What is a monsoon?
Where is Magdalena Bay?
From where do we import figs?
From where do we import dates?
From where do we get prunes?
From where do we get domestic sardines?
What railroad is the longest in the world?
Where is Tallahassee?
Where is Kenosha?
How fast does sound travel per foot per second?
How fast does light travel per foot per second?
What planet is it that has recently measured and found to be of enormous size?
What river is it in the United States that flows from south to north?
Where are the Straits of Messina?
In what country are earthquakes frequent?
What mountain is the highest in the world?
Where do we import cork from?
Name six big businessmen in the United States.
Who is called father of railways?
Where was Lincoln born?
Who stated the following: "Four score and seven years ago..." &c.?
What business do you like best?
Are you experienced in any of the following: Salesmanship, clerk, stenography, bookkeeping?
Name a few kinds of wood used in making furniture, and the highest priced?
What kind of wood is the lightest?
What kind of wood is the heaviest?
Of what kind of wood are axe handles made?
Of what kind of wood are kerosene barrels made?
What part of Germany do we get toys from?
What States bound West Virginia?
Where do we get peanuts from?
Who wrote "The Star Spangled BannerĒ?
Who wrote "Home, Sweet Home"?
Who composed "Il Travatore"?
Who was Cleopatra?
Where are condors found?
What voltage is used on street cars?
Who discovered the law of gravitation?
What cereal is used all over the world?
Where is the Assuan Dam?
What country produces the most nickel?
What is the distance between the earth and the sun?
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