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Author Topic: Do humans have more brain cells than all other creatures? Even Blue whales?  (Read 619 times)

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This is a bit of a tricky question to write concisely so please bear with me. I've been wondering about human brains ever since I read that a Sperm Whale's brain is a staggering 6 times bigger than ours.

We humans are clearly smaller-brained - but, we Humans are clearly so much better at building civilisations etc than Dolphins or Sperm Whales are... and I wondered, why is that so?

Could it be because, pound for pound, our 'smaller' brains actually contain far more brain cells than Whales' heavier and bigger brains do?

I don't know if anyone has ever sat down and counted just how many brain cells Whales have compared to us humans - or whether anyone has investigated whether our brain cells are simply packed more efficiently per inch in our much smaller head space than in Whale brains in their cavernous head spaces.

Or maybe...just maybe...could it be that, in our brains, it's the more complex 'organisation' of cells and thought processes that makes our brains more efficient (and so more productive) than Dolphin brains and Sperm Whale brains? 

There must be a reason why we are so much smarter than all those bigger brained whales, mustn't there?

Is the answer simply that we have more brain cells?  And more equals better?  Or are there other reasons why we with our much smaller brains are so much smarter than Whales with their far bigger brains?

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