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Author Topic: What's the law about (or forbidding) home educating your own children?  (Read 646 times)

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I ask on behalf of a friend of mine in Northern Ireland - which I assume is subject to UK laws just like the mainland.

My friend educated her own three children at home thirty years ago and they are all very successful adults now.

Her daughter has a child herself who is now coming up to school age and wants to educate her child at home, just like she was.

The first fly in the ointment is that the Northern Irish local authority is insisting (ie threatening) that she (the mother) and the child, and the home itself be subjected to an 'official assessment' or they'll simply force the child to go to school. Which she doesn't want. Nor does the kid.

Does anybody know, or can anybody find out, what the legal situation is concerning home educating your own kids? Has the situation become more stringent compared to 30 years ago?

It would help my friend greatly if anyone could give us a clue or two.

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