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Author Topic: Do potatoes have all the nutrients needed to survive on a potato-only diet?  (Read 765 times)

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I was thinking back to a ninety year old Norwegian fisherman I used to know. In the 1920s he contracted life-threatening TB and, as a last resort, his doctor prescribed a lengthy trip to a sanatorium in Switzerland where the clean air was supposed to be the only known cure for TB.

The fisherman basically said expletive deleted. Instead he'd cure himself. So he ate nothing but potatoes and mackerel for every meal every day for the next three years. It was skull-numbingly boring but it worked. All trace of the TB totally vanished! His doctor was whatever the Norwegian word for flummoxed is...and went round muttering things like 'Medical miracle!' and 'Never seen anything like it!' etc.

Which brings me to my question. It arose from chatting to a lady I know who is the most macrobiotic, most vegan, most alternative-medicine-using and most dedicated follower of any zany nutrition advice you could meet. She says, quite categorically, that potatoes are a super food.

She goes on to say that potatoes have all the nutrients a human needs to survive...and that we humans can live quite happily and healthily on a strictly potato-only diet.

Is she right? Or is she hare brained? Do potatoes really have all the nutrients a human needs to survive and thrive on a potato-only diet?
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