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Author Topic: When a woman has a C-section, does her milk come in in the same way?  (Read 2103 times)

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Our baby is due to arrive soon - will my wife's colostrom arrive in the same way as it did with a conventional birth, or does there have to be some kind of drug administered to make it happen?

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It will almost certainly come in the usual way.  It may be slower depending on the anaesthetic which affects the whole system. I think an epidural is the anaesthetic most often used these days so that won't have any effect on the system.
As you may remember, the secretions begin to build up before the actual delivery - your wife may be advised to encourage things a little if her midwife feels that necessary.
Generally, it all works the same way however the delivery happens - good luck!


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Our eldest was a c-section (following a drawn-out labour), and there was milk a-plenty!

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Our eldest was a c-section (following a drawn-out labour), and there was milk a-plenty!

and more than a drop of cider, I'll wager.