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Author Topic: The moon. When I see a full moon does everyone in the world see the same phase?  (Read 1570 times)

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I know that the southern hemisphere has a very different night sky, but I cant see that this would apply to the moon.
When there is an eclipse it is not universal, it can only be seen in certain places.
So, when it is full moon here will it be full moon in, for example, Australia too?

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The moon is about a quarter of a million miles away. The earth has a mean radius of around 4000 miles. So, worst case, you have an 8000 mile difference in your viewing position of the moon's phase. That will probably make bugger all difference to what you see (although there will be a minor difference, I'm sure). If folks on opposite sides of the world can both see the moon at the same time, then they'll see the same thing.