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Miscellaneous / State Pensions and NICs
« Last post by tecspec on 19 July, 2018, 11:46:24 AM »
I'm confused.
I had the understanding that to qualify for full state pension you had to have a certain number of years of National Insurance Contributions (NICs). I believed that it was 30 years.
As we are planning on retiring next year, I've just checked my expected Pension. It says that I have 42 years of NICs but as 4 years were not full (2011-2014) my state pension will be lower than expected.

Is the sum they quoted just an estimate? Do they calculate from your pension age backwards or for your whole working life?

Relationships, health and wellbeing / D N R procedure
« Last post by jacquesdor on 17 July, 2018, 09:25:40 PM »
How would one go about being registered as DNR ? Would the Gp be the first to approach, or maybe a lawyer ? How would it be possible to ensure that if the worst happens, wherever it happens, there would be no resuscitation ? Does one wear a bracelet or something ? I would be interested to know for sure.
I know, I know - rain falls, some soaks into the ground, and the run-off forms small streams, and when several streams combine, they make small rivers, then they combine and make big rivers.

But at the moment, the rivers near to us are running fine - a little low, but certainly not dried up.  So given that we've had next to no rainfall in Yorkshire for the last month or so, where is the water coming from?  There is a huge amount still in the rivers for it to be coming from groundwater, and we see very clearly the increase when we have a heavy deluge, but don't seen an enormous drop when there is a bit of a drought.
Consumer affairs / Re: Ransom strip liabilities
« Last post by P-Kasso2 on 05 July, 2018, 03:57:04 PM »
Solicitor is waiting for searches to come back - the title plan is a bit peculiar.  I do like the idea of a pavement toll-booth, though...

I know that solicitors are usually a blur of inaction.... but any news on the ransom strip yet?

PS The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors advises property owners to locate and price any ransom strip on a property, as the cost to release the "ransom" should be deducted from the overall purchase price of the property.

The agreement to access such ransom strips is lodged with the Land Registry.
We are not - but the maximum length of hair varies from species to species, and indeed, in various parts of the body.  So, for example, your underarm hair should never get to a length where it needs plaiting.  This is called 'terminal length'.


 Gd_pst  But first, I have to say sorry for not answering your question sooner Duff. My feeble excuse is that I skidded over about a week ago but luckily the very sharp and sturdy arm of a hefty wooden bench broke my fall, and a few ribs. But I am OK-ish now, so long as nobody makes me laugh, or I have to cough, sneeze or get up and go to the loo.

But back to your good answer... So, it is all down to genetics, telogenic phases and terminal length, eh?

And I'd always blithely thought that any of us Humans could grow our hair as long as we liked - down to our waists, way past our bums and trailing along the floor and out the room like the long-haired damsel whose picture sadly I can't seem to add to the attachment below - So if you want to see a dozen or so Victorian ladies with five, six or seven or eight feet long hair, just click on this...


It must have taken those Victorian belles hours and hours of brushing every night - and do it all again in the morning!
Art and literature / Re: If Dracula is the Prince of darkness...
« Last post by P-Kasso2 on 05 July, 2018, 01:35:43 PM »

Who is the King of Darkness?

Here's one for the theologians amongst us... God created everything.  Yes? No?

And that includes creating Satan, the Prince of Darkness.  Yes? No?

It is therefore logical that God must be the King of Darkness.  Yes? Yes?

Their bl**dy SatNav took them down an impassably narrow lane without a turning area and your caramelised parsnips were too wide?
Consumer affairs / Re: Are there any GOOD side effects of a tornado?
« Last post by P-Kasso2 on 05 July, 2018, 01:15:08 PM »
It was reported that there was a Tornado in Birmingham that caused £80,000 of improvements.   :P

 Gd_pst  Lmbao!
Consumer affairs / Re: Who decides the Christmas TV Programming?
« Last post by P-Kasso2 on 05 July, 2018, 01:13:13 PM »

So it's all decided by a committee eh? And we all know that a lame dromedary is an Arab stallion designed by a committee of yes men.

"Dire" is the right word for it, Moonzero!  I don't know why I am surprised.
I remember my Middle School Bio teacher telling us about this. Trees like that do have green chlorophyll, but they also have so much red pigment (not sure what it's for though) that you don't see the green.
I noticed on my Japanese maple that early in the year the leaves were green, and only recently did they get really dark red.

(*Looks around* Nice place you guys have here btw.)

Shock Horror!  So my Red Japanese Maple is really a Green Japanese Maple - but I just can't see it? This astounds me and would have befoggled my long-suffering bands of professors at art school.

They'd have thrown a synchronised thrombo at St Martin's School of Art where they and others spent 4 long and happy years teaching me all about colour.

And then up pops one single bliddy Japanese Maple. It wanders in and blows all that expensive training! Just like that! Banzai!

But, through the gathering mist I think I can see what you mean, Yokel - that is, if you mean that all that Red colouring is simply swamping the Green chlorophyll from view.

At least, my brain says I see what you mean...but the hard evidence from my eyes is still telling me that Red is Red - and Red is nothing like Green.

And, squinting quizzically with my matching pair of expensively colour-trained eyeballs, there still ain't even a thimbleful or the slightest smidgen of Green to be seen. Nix. No sign of Green.

Then again maybe it's just that my cunning Japanese Red Maple instantly turns Green the second I am safely tucked up under the duvet?  They can be diabolically wily these Japanese Red Maples you know.   ;D
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