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I'm afraid that it is more likely that you're reading fake news!  The life expectancy is generally 20-30 years.  There are some birds that regularly reach 50+ years - species of parrots, in particular, and the oldest bird I can find a reference for was said to be 120 years old, but his 'heritage' is a little dubious. 

I was reading that Swans have a life-expectancy of 102 years!   
Does this remarkable fact mean that Swans are Britain's longest-living creature? 

Or are there some other creatures (mammals, birds, rodents, fish or creepy crawlies or whatever) in
Britain that live even longer than Swans? 

I mean live longer in the wild, not in zoos. (So, no Giant Tortoises or Quahog Clams please.)

In the UK, which 'creature' is the longest lived?

The Daily Express headline screamed...

NASA SHOCK admission: Distant galaxy is ‘ON COURSE to COLLIDE with Earth'

And only later (much, much later) down among the mouse print did the Express sheepishly announce that "Andromeda, the distant galaxy, will collide with the Milky Way in around 4.5 billion years"

In around 4.5 billion years?   Phew!  That's what I call really hot news!

But, to be slightly serious for a millisecond, what about us consumers? 

What about us all briefly glancing at such rampantly misleading headlines over our toast and marmalade in the mornings?

Nobody seems to care.

No government department, not one, seems to care a bean about such gross misrepresentation by the Press.  Shouldn't there at least be some firm legislation in place to stop newspapers screaming such bloodcurdling fake news?

And what do you think would be an appropriate fine should be for such barefaced scaremongering breakfast news?
Whatever happened to the Pyramid-sized asteroid that was supposed to be hurtling towards Earth (and us!) just four days ago?

A gigantic lump the size of the Great Pyramid (which Nasa has christened with the snappy name of Earth Object 2013 MD8) was supposedly zooming towards us just 4 days ago on 24th July - at least that's what it said in the website that I read.

But in the regular press?  No coverage.  Not a mention.  And on TV?   Nix.

So what happened?

How did a nugget the size of the Great Pyramid of Gizah simply disappear?  Or get lost?  Or get ignored?

Has anyone else heard of this massive non-event? Can I come out of my bunker now?
Science and nature / How long do octopi (aka octopuses) actually live for?
« Last post by P-Kasso2 on 28 July, 2019, 04:31:30 PM »
You have got to admit that octopuses look prehistoric.
That's what got me wondering 'How long do octopuses actually live for?'

And is that about the same for a Giant Squid too?


I have been a Hay Fever Sufferer since the year dot.
  So, when not rubbing my eyes to shreds, I was delighted to notice that the Met Office had started issuing Pollen Warnings.

But one other thing that puzzled me then, and still perplexes me to this day, is this...

How do the bods at the Met Office DO it?

So there you are folks, two questions under one roof...

How big does a pollen grain have to be before it sets me off in gales of sneezing?


How do the bods at the Met Office DO it?  Answers on a postcard to me as usual at IA on this thread.
Miscellaneous / Re: This may be the last question I post on IA....
« Last post by P-Kasso2 on 28 July, 2019, 01:58:35 PM »
Well, well done IAers! There HAS been a slight increase in questions and just as importantly, answers, on IA lately.

So I will soldier on. For those itching to read my next question, have a look in 'Science and Nature' for my latest question (on Pollen and allergies).

For those of you still feeling too weak to click on 'Science and Nature' the question is "How big does a pollen grain have to be before it sets me off in gales of sneezing?"

Over to "Science and Nature".

We don't pay for a secure certificate - nothing to worry about!

Sorry it's taken me a while to answer, Duff...but your reply 'Nothing to worry about' has proven totally correct.

I've had nothing to worry about and my laptop is still purring away as normal.

Also, those pesky messages (Site unsafe) seem to have obliterated themselves and not popped up again.

Ain't technology wunnerful!
I just read on 'Bored Panda' that the letter 'E' comprises a whopping 11% of the English language!!!

Now then my fellow IA'ers, I know that while the website 'Bored Panda' is a quirky little site to squander away a rainy day on, it can also be more than a little bit slapdash with its use of English grammar and English spelling - let alone its respect for factual truth. 

I do know that the letter 'E' is by far the most common letter in English.  But...a massive 11% of the English language?  Does that seem as far fetched to you as it does to me?

In short, is is true?  Or is it just another bit of sloppy journalism on 'Bored Panda's' part?

Well, what do you think?  Does the letter 'E' comprise 11% of the English language?  Or not? 
There's a whole host of them here:

Sadly, what is missing is questions like:
"If a close relative passes away and you are in a public place do you:
a. let all your emotion out
b. fight back the tears and run to a quiet place
c. respond "I see.  I think I might need a cup of tea." and then internalise any pain and/or grief.

Oh crikey, Duff!   I tried answering myself a handful of the batches of questions on that site you gave on how to become a British national.  They aren't easy Qs are they?  Not a bit of it.   I did my level best and I failed miserably.  Failed?  I bombed!  I think I'd better emigrate to Bangladesh.

No wonder one of the unhappy applicants on the site posted this comment..."Tomorrow will my exam in Luton . Pray for me please . I just prictriceing 1-15 exam test . Allah help us inn shaa Allah."

Pray for him?  I wish him all the luck in the world.  I think he's going to need it.
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