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Title: Am I psychic? How do I find out if I am psychic?
Post by: P-Kasso2 on 02 June, 2020, 11:14:18 AM
The reason I asked is because - way back back in November last year (ie almost a full half year before Coronavirus struck us all down) - I posted what I thought was an innocent question here on IA saying that...

a few months ago, I'd just read that a Plague outbreak had killed two people in faraway Madagascar. And I simply asked"Is a major Plague on its way Here?"

Huh? "Is a major Plague on its way HERE?" Now I'm  still wondering: Where did that suddenly come from?

Remember, at the time, this was a good 4 or 5 months before something called Coronavirus silently popped up and nonchalently wrecked our lives. 

I don't need to tell you what happened next!  Nearly 45,000 dead all around the country (and still counting). Everyone still in lock-down, going slightly bonkers etc. No end of fun! Whoopy!

PS  For my original question, please double click here...[/size]
Title: Re: Am I psychic? How do I find out if I am psychic?
Post by: tecspec on 22 June, 2020, 03:23:48 PM
You're unlikely to be psychic. Its more likely to be a lucky hit.
Most who call themselves psychic just say what most people want to hear. For example - psychic medium has a show where a few thousand people attend.
They start by saying they are in contact with a man or woman who has passed. Half the audience puts their hand up.
This is an older person probably over 70 - quarter of the audience put their hand up - they will have lost a parent or grand parent.
This person has a bushy beard - 30 people put their hand up
Their name begins with R - 5 people put their hand up.
See its all to do with numbers, eventually the psychic will get someone who identifies their Grandfather Russell.

Remember when Patty Hearst went missing? I had a dream that she was underground and couldn't get out. She was found tied up in a cupboard. Now is that psychic? Or just co-incidence
Years ago I remember waking up very early in a panic convinced that hubby had been in an accident. I was in a panic all day. When he came home he said he'd had a close shave not long after he started work that morning. The machine he operated got clogged and the usual thing was to turn off the machine, crawl inside and unclog it. Whilst he was under the machine someone pushed the button to restart it. Fortunately someone else pushed the emergency button really quickly.

There are stories about people who missed being injured by warnings or co-incidences at major disasters.  A chap I worked with was due to travel to New York the day before 9/11 but decided to stay with friends in Florida for a few extra days.
There's the story of 2 women that should have been at the top of tower 1 having breakfast but they didn't get their alarm call so missed that disaster.

I personally think there is something intangible about us humans. We can probably all cite times when something weird happened (or not). However as to being psychic??? I don't think so.

The only way you're likely to earn money at it is by becoming a snake oil salesman. (Psychic medium)