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Title: D.N.A. testing
Post by: jacquesdor on 28 August, 2018, 05:17:52 PM
Some years ago I had a fascinating find in an attic whilst rummaging through an ancient and almost ruined house.
It was a lock of hair, appeared in superb condition, soft and shiny. I was intrigued to know the history of it and how it came to be there.
Years of developing the house and living in it came up with more interesting finds and I did discover more of the history. The lock of hair was so personal, I had very strong feelings about it. Someone said it might be possible for a DNA test to be done . It was obviously cut from the head as there are no roots attached. Does anyone know if it would be possible to test it and, if so, what sort of information might come from it. And - how would I go about it ?

I would be glad of any information.
Title: Re: D.N.A. testing
Post by: P-Kasso2 on 17 September, 2018, 07:38:50 PM
Contrary to popular belief I am not a DNA expert but from what little I do know I think the hair follicle (ie root) has to be present before a DNA reading can be made.
I don't really understand why this should be especially when DNA can be taken from fingernail clippings. Technology can be so baffling at times. Or for me, baffling at all times.