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Title: In how many Olympic games has every nation ...
Post by: siasl on 14 February, 2018, 11:44:14 AM
...sent at least one female competitor?
Title: Re: In how many Olympic games has every nation ...
Post by: P-Kasso2 on 15 February, 2018, 05:53:01 PM
...sent at least one female competitor?

Wheee. I can actually answer this!  But only because, four years ago, I vaguely remember my copy of the Independent newspaper carrying exactly this story at the time of the last Summer Olympics in London back in 2012.

Googling swiftly back in time I discovered the actual article in The Independent...and that they'd even nicknamed the 2012 Summer Olympics as "The Women's Games" because (to quote the Indie's reporter)...

"Never before will every competing nation have been represented by at least one female athlete."

So there is your answer, Siasl.

The 2012 London Olympics were the first time every country had stumped up with at least on female competitor, of course that's according to the Indie which I believe is still a wee bit more reliable than the sports pages of Daily Mail, or even The Sun

What's more, The Indie said that an astounding 4,847 women took place in the London Games. I don't know off the top of my head what the numbers are for women competitors at these new Winter Olympics.  I reckon it'd be a much smaller total but only because, overall, the Winter Olympics tend to be much smaller than the Summer Olympics.

If you fancy reading the 2012 Indie article, it is a very good quick read - and you'll find it here...